The Menu


Peruvian Ceviche

Fresh bass marinated in lemon juice tossed with carrots, hominy, red onions, habanero, and cilantro

Crab Cakes

House made fresh dungeness crab cakes topped with chili mango cucumber escabeche, carrots, jicama, and fennel onion slaw

Kalbi Short Ribs

Grilled Korean style cross cut beef short ribs bathed in a sweet savory sesame sauce

Artichoke Hearts - V

Crispy baked artichoke hearts served with a housemade creamy garlic ranch

Coconut Prawns

Choice of deep fried or sauteed prawns served in a martini glass with coconut curry sauce

Ratatouille - VG

Baked medley of zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, garlic, and fresh herbs

Charcuterie Board

Chef's selection of cured meats and artisanal cheeses with sweet and savory garnishes

Beet and Goat

Roasted beets and soft goat cheese with candied pistachio and endive


Soups and Salads

Walnut Caesar

Romaine hearts with traditional caesar dressing and house-made croutons with walnuts and radicchio

Spring Spinach

Fresh local spinach with roasted bell peppers, marinated onions, toasted seeds and nuts, served with house-made balsamic

El Pulpo

Tender octopus braised in red wine, served on a frisée salad with olives, capers, and an oregano dill dressing

Garden Salad
Pacific Chowder

Aroma house special tomato potato cream chowder with clams, shrimp, and fresh fish

Kombu Miso - VG

Carrots, onions, red potato, celery, zucchini, garbanzo beans, ginger, kombu, seaweed, and miso

White Bean & Bacon

Leeks, carrots, onions, fennel, white beans, and bacon in a chicken broth


Main Courses

8 Oz Hanger $35
10 Oz Ribeye $45

Sauces: Chimichurri, sautéed mushrooms, or herb compound butter
Sides: Scalloped potatoes, charred brussels, garlic broccoli, or maple-glazed carrots

Chicken Adobo

Filipino-style chicken marinated in ginger, garlic & bay; served with broccoli, garlic fried rice & tomato chili salsa fresca

Tempeh "Bulgogi" - VG

Korean style marinated tempeh with broccoli, carrots, kale, napa cabbage, green onion, sesame seeds and garlic fried rice

Wild Basa Fillet

Pan-seared basa fillet with pineapple, leeks, citrus white wine sauce with Mexican couscous and spinach

Wild Mushroom Rice - V / VG

Black trumpet, king bolete, white button mushroom duxelles with creamy short grain rice and fresh herbs (with or without cheese)

Sunshine Salmon

Seared salmon on a beet-carrot-mint slaw with a pineapple-orange citrus vinaigrette with chopped egg & blackberries

Garlic Aleppo Prawns

Sauteed prawns, braised pork belly, and blistered cherry tomatoes on a bed of corn grits garnished with safflower threads

Aroma Pork Chop

Grilled pork chop with mixed mushroom ragu in a red wine reduction, served with fennel and artichoke puree and fried leeks

Tyrolean Schnitzel

Tender deep fried pork cutlet in a creamy mushroom gravy with garlicky mashed potatoes and house-made warm red cabbage and apple slaw



Vanilla Ice Cream
Apple Streudel ala Mode
Chocolate Temptation Cake
Lemon Blueberry Cheescake
Gluten free Marjolaine Cake
Vegan lime Mango Cake